Practicing Mindfulness


Remember that day where you didn’t have a single thought? Well neither do I!  We are perpetual thinkers. We generate about 70.000 thoughts a day! Some thoughts help us live the life we want to live and others make us feel disempowered. One of the most effective ways to stop overthinking and to have our Read More

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How To Stay Optimistic In Lebanon


Optimism is not just about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. It’s about reframing thoughts into more accurate statements and choosing a reality that is more useful. Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and worried since the beginning of the Lebanese revolution?  Have you been experiencing higher levels of stress in your body and brain? Clearly, Read More

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Linda Chaccour – Positive Psychology Practitioner, Founder @ Emerge Coaching

Positive Psychology

Linda Chaccour – Positive Psychology Practitioner Linda Chaccour is the founder of Emerge Coaching in Lebanon and in the UAE.  A graduate of the Flourishing Center, the NeuroLeadership Group, the World Coach Institute, the Robbins-Madanes Training school (RMT) and The Addictions Academy (USA),  Linda has had the honor of being trained by the International Coach Federation Read More

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