8 Self-Care Practices for Women

self-care practices

8 Self-Care Practices for Women Challenging times can bring about a roller coaster of emotions. Are you finding it hard to stay positive and motivated nowadays? You are not alone. There are thousands of women out there who are struggling to stay afloat in the middle of this pandemic. Dealing with this health crisis is…

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Adriana Meyer-Business Psychologist & Executive Coach

Business Psychologist

  Adriana Meyer-Business Psychologist and Executive Coach-has over 20 years of experience ranging from the Aviation Industry to the Corporate World. Having earned her Master of Science Degree from Heriot-Watt University (Dubai) in 2016, Adriana brings into the business and coaching consultancy her background and expertise to inspire, motivate and support executives, leaders, sales and senior management people…

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In Loving Memory of My Daughter…

In Loving Memory

In Loving memory of my Daughter ….   Celine, my daughter, was born on September 28th 2004. During all my pregnancy, I had the creepy feeling that I was never able to explain to anyone, not even my doctor. I used to ask my little baby if she was ok while in my womb. I always…

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International Women Entrepreneurs Show 2019

Women Entrepreneurs

  This event is committed to empower and assist women to achieve their business goals and drive their economic potential by inspiring them to become supporters, innovators and leaders in their community.  IWES inspires their entrepreneurial minds and provide them with the ideas, knowledge and skills needed to succeed. The show is a model of…

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Why you should build your personal brand now!

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is the method of marketing people and their businesses as brands. It’s when individuals wish to present themselves in a certain way and hold an online identity. Personal Brand and business? Having a personal brand, as an entrepreneur, has major positive effects on the growth of your business. The greatest of these is…

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Women to Women Success Initiative

Solidarity 4 Sustainability

Two Social Entrepreneurs & Founders @ Solidarity 4 Sustainability, Maud Jabbour and Lama Diab, work hand-in-hand for women empowerment.  Maud Jabbour is a Human Resources Masters graduate who worked in the corporate field where she was always keen on making a difference in the entity she belongs to, in the lives of her team members,…

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Farah Zafar – UK Solicitor, Chief Legal Officer @ AMAALA, KSA

Farah Zafar

Farah Zafar – UK Solicitor, Chief Legal Officer @ AMAALA, KSA Known for her charismatic negotiation skills combined with finance, investment and legal expertise, Farah is a UK qualified solicitor (Supreme Court, England & Wales) with 22 years’ experience obtained from the UK and the GCC. Farah Zafar is currently the Chief Legal Officer for the Public…

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Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi

            Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi, Positive Lifestyle Specialist & Hypnotherapy Trainer   Known as The Life Director, she received an invitation from the UAE National Program of Happiness and Positivity to take part of their new initiative #1millionactsofgiving that is aligned with the year of giving. The goal of the initiative is…

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How to become the architect of your life!

        An Architect by profession, actor, dancer and speaker,  Priya Telavane is a passionate entrepreneur. She believes in the power of dreams and work towards it to fulfill them to make them reality. After completing her architecture in India, she specialized in interior designing with over 15 years of work experience so…

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