Hala El Chemor-Counselor, CBT & Mindfulness Practitioner


Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Advertising & Marketing from Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, Hala has worked on Real Estate projects such as Sannine Zenith-Lebanon & its in-house advertising agency – Zenith Communication, and with Ven-Invest (Le Grey Hotel and Wadi Grand Residence) as a Senior Marketing Executive. Hala wasn’t feeling that she was being…

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You Are Not Alone!

you are not alone

“Mom! we’re hungry!” “Mom! Can you help me with my homework” “Oops! I have a session with my client now…”  “Ugh! I need to clean the house again…” A typical Covid-19 crisis morning… I woke up one day finding myself in Toronto, after I’d decided to travel all the way from Beirut to be next…

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Roula Eid Sawan-Executive Coach, Managing Partner @ Team in Motion, & GM at YCC

Executive Coach

Roula Eid Sawan-Executive Coach, Managing Partner at Team in Motion, & GM at YCC Roula is the managing partner at TEAM IN MOTION, a specialized company for team building activities, team coaching, & personal development training. She is the General Manager of Youth & Culture Center at Zouk Mikael municipality. A Certified Corporate, Relationship, and Team…

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Maysoon Sleiman – Founder & Managing Partner @ The Sage Parlour

Founder @ The Sage Parlour

Maysoon Sleiman, Founder & Managing Partner of The Sage Parlour Maysoon Sleiman graduated with a BS in Management Information Systems, and a minor in Marketing. Throughout her 4.5 years tenure in advertising her portfolio of brands managed where she was focused on the Luxury & Retail Fashion category with the exception of Corporate Banking, Telecom, Cultural & Art…

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Why Do We Give Gifts During Holidays?

Holiday Gift-Giving

Does it not seem like the emphasis today is more on receiving than giving? Don’t you feel like there are more demands and requests than offerings? It is almost as if there is an “expectation” of parents to increase and improve and add more every year in terms of quality and quantity and cost of…

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Peace Education: A Priority for our Youth and Society 

Peace Education

Much has been said about social responsibility in the last two to three decades, and many non-governmental organizations have created programs and organized youth camps in the Arab world to encourage individuals and groups to act for the benefit of society at large. However, ongoing political disorder, wars, and economic crises in several countries have…

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Linda Chaccour – Positive Psychology Practitioner, Founder @ Emerge Coaching

Positive Psychology

Linda Chaccour – Positive Psychology Practitioner Linda Chaccour is the founder of Emerge Coaching in Lebanon and in the UAE.  A graduate of the Flourishing Center, the NeuroLeadership Group, the World Coach Institute, the Robbins-Madanes Training school (RMT) and The Addictions Academy (USA),  Linda has had the honor of being trained by the International Coach Federation…

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Sandi Saksena-Entrepreneur & Empowerment Mentor

Women Entrepreneurs

Sandi Saksena-Entrepreneur, Empowerment Officer @ Nexus Insurance Brokers A long-time resident of the Gulf, Sandi has lived in Kuwait, Bahrain and now in Dubai for the last 47 years. With no previous work experience whatsoever, Sandi entered the work force and commenced her professional career at the age of 44, following circumstances that pushed her…

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Women to Women Success Initiative

Solidarity 4 Sustainability

Two Social Entrepreneurs & Founders @ Solidarity 4 Sustainability, Maud Jabbour and Lama Diab, work hand-in-hand for women empowerment.  Maud Jabbour is a Human Resources Masters graduate who worked in the corporate field where she was always keen on making a difference in the entity she belongs to, in the lives of her team members,…

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