WHY We Should Speak Arabic to Our Little Ones

Arabic Language

This is the first of a series of posts I am writing to inspire more thoughts around Arab parents who speak English or French to their children, while they themselves (both mom and dad) speak perfect Arabic! I am still trying to digest this rapidly increasing phenomenon and figure out why a parent would ask…

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Aisha AlMazmi-Emirati Radio Presenter Inspiring the Youth

Radio Presenter

Aisha Al Mazmi is a 25 year old radio presenter for Pulse 95 Radio. She’s the youngest female Emirati radio presenter and newsreader ever to host on an English language station. Born and raised in the UAE, this inspirational woman graduated from the American University of Sharjah in 2015 and is currently working on her…

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Dr. Manal Naboulsi – Life & Relationship Coach, Founder @ The Coaching Lounge

Manal Naboulsi

Dr. Manal Naboulsi – Life & Relationship Coach, Founder @ The Coaching Lounge Owner of The Coaching Lounge, Beirut Lebanon. Accredited Life & Relationship Coach, Personal Growth Specialist, Stress Management Specialist, Career Coach, NLP Practitioner, Trainer. Dr. Manal Naboulsi is a Co-Owner and member of the Board of Trustees at the American University of Culture…

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Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi

            Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi, Positive Lifestyle Specialist & Hypnotherapy Trainer   Known as The Life Director, she received an invitation from the UAE National Program of Happiness and Positivity to take part of their new initiative #1millionactsofgiving that is aligned with the year of giving. The goal of the initiative is…

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How to become the architect of your life!

        An Architect by profession, actor, dancer and speaker,  Priya Telavane is a passionate entrepreneur. She believes in the power of dreams and work towards it to fulfill them to make them reality. After completing her architecture in India, she specialized in interior designing with over 15 years of work experience so…

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