Write to Heal



In Write to Heal, bestselling author Rachel Havekost provides writing prompts and therapeutic techniques designed to unlock your inner wisdom and cultivate your healing voice.

In this 30-day workbook, you will:

Clarify your why, set a vision, and meet yourself where you’re at

Let go of mental blocks, integrate shadow parts, process old trauma, connect with your inner child, and cleanse beliefs that are not yours

Align with your value system, define your role as a leader, cultivate healthy entrepreneurial boundaries, and set up systems and plans for maintaining mental & emotional stability

Draft stories and outlines of potential creative work, familiarize yourself with the communities you’d like to impact, and solidify a mission statement

Rachel brings us an innovative approach to becoming a healing artist. Write to Heal synergizes authentic leadership, vulnerable storytelling, and what Rachel calls, “radically showing up in the messy middle” into a four-week methodology for healing creativity.