Intissar Haddiya: Nephrologist, Author & Lecturer

Dr. Intissar Haddiya; Moroccan nephrologist, writer, and lecturer

Dr. Intissar Haddiya; Moroccan nephrologist, writer, and lecturer












Moroccan nephrologist, writer, and lecturer; Dr. Intissar has combined her experiences, passions, studies, skills and talents to supplement her career path with multidisciplinary capabilities, from a medical doctor to a successful book writer.

Her educational background is highlighted by outstanding certifications and degrees that enrich her career with professional knowledge in her areas of expertise. As a Nephrologist with degrees in Bioethics and global health from the universities of Geneva and Manchester, she is a professor of medicine and the Head of the medical department of the Faculty of Medicine of Oujda, at the University Mohamed Premier, in Morocco. With a rich experience in her field, she is a member of the ethics committee, the scientific committee, and the faculty council, at the University Mohamed Premier, and a member of Mohamed VI University hospital administration council (2019-2022).

In addition to being an academic in the field, Dr. Intissar is a multi-tasker mother of two and a social entrepreneur, actively involved and civically engaged in associative work with the society to promote healthcare and relevant support to kidney disease patients in Eastern Morocco.

A passion for writing is invested in Dr. Intissar’s novels that showcase women’s conditions and the challenges they must face in today’s societies. Among her pieces there are “Si Dieu nous prête vie” (2016), “L’inconnue” (2019) translated to Arabic, “Trahison Pieuse” (2021). Her first essays and short stories were published by Cambridge University Press (New York) from 1999 till 2005. Her book “Au fil des songes” was published in 2017 by St. Honoré editions in Paris and was awarded the first prize, “Spécial francophonie”, in a French Literacy contest in 2019.  Being a successful woman able to overcome obstacles to reach her goals grants Dr. Intissar the credibility to evidently portray realistic circumstances of women striving for achieving success, amidst complex environments.

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