Coping Strategies During Rough Times

  This is a very practical & much needed workshop to help you manage better these current rough times -when the country is in a crisis mode. Most people are fluctuating in different negative states like anxiety, stress, demotivation, uncertainty, & low mood. To surrender to these states surely would negatively affect our mental health, but by attending this workshop, you’ll learn different ways to regulate your negative emotions & better manage these stressful times. It’s time to learn how to be resilient & be more in charge of your inner states. If you don’t engage in active attempts to be more in control, it becomes easy to get sucked up by feeling helpless, right? This workshop has several objectives; IT WILL: 1. Introduce you to the upside of negative emotions (yes, these can be good if managed well) 2. Provide you with the recipe to manage stressful situations 3. Equip you with so many easy-to-use strategies to transform your state from being nervous to calm; from being grumpy to happy; from feeling awkward to more confident 4. Give you the positive boost needed to remain a victor, not a victim of rough times 5. Have a de-stress half day & fun time in a positive atmosphere to nourish your soul. Now, wouldn’t you want to join & arm yourself with what’s become a “necessity” to keep going? When? Saturday February 15, 2020 What time? From 9:30am to 2:00pm Where? STRIDES offices in Blue Bldg., 5th floor, Abdel Aziz street, Hamra, Beirut. What are the fees to join? The workshop is offered at 68% discount for the sake of these rough times. You’ll just pay 95,000LL (instead of 300,000LL) for the 4 hours (240 minutes drill of positivity). What will it include? The information drill, practicing the tools, the workshop manual, coffee break & snacks, & above all “a constant positive rush” SEATS ARE LIMITED! BOOK YOURS NOW! About Your Coach: Dania Dbaibo Darwish holds an MA in Psychology from AUB & is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who adopts 3 main approaches: CBT, EMDR, & Hypnotherapy. She is, also, a Certified Professional Coach who specializes in: Life, Career, Relationship, & Positive Psychology Coaching. Dania has a background career as a Psychology instructor at both AUB & LAU. She runs her own private practice now at STRIDES in Hamra, Beirut. Dania is an accredited EMDR consultant & a mentor Coach supervising trainees in both fields. She works one-on-one & offers “Life Skills” training for groups.   For more info about the workshop, visit this link.


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