Art.Cages…A Journey Towards Liberty

Art Cages

Art.Cages is the brainchild of Ruba el-Amine, a native of Lebanon who grew up between the Middle East and Europe. Having lived in two cultures raised her awareness to how some societies live more freely than others. The need to promote the importance of liberating humans, animals, and nature from the physical and mental constraints…

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Wootton Creation, A Handmade Craft by Nadine Helwi

Wootton is-undoubtedly-a unique handmade homeware craft; all kind of macramés, baskets, lights, mirrors and more, all made from naturalmaterial using traditional techniques transformed into more modern items to embellish your space. Life is full of inspirations and opportunities that we just need to grab. “This source of passion came out of need; a need to…

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WHY We Should Speak Arabic to Our Little Ones

Arabic Language

This is the first of a series of posts I am writing to inspire more thoughts around Arab parents who speak English or French to their children, while they themselves (both mom and dad) speak perfect Arabic! I am still trying to digest this rapidly increasing phenomenon and figure out why a parent would ask…

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Women on the Rise: Considering Gender Balance in the MENA Region

Gender Balance

It seems odd sometimes, this idea that hiring women constitutes a checkmark on a civil to-do list; it’s as though building a diverse employee base was a socially-motivated choice rather than a business imperative. International Women’s Day has come to pass once again, sparking conversations about the pressing need to fostering gender balance in business.…

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