The Dynamo of life


What if a dynamo moves all the joints of our lives?

Are we going to work hard to get to know it well? And then, are we going to maintain it constantly?

Without a doubt, our self-awareness is the most precious gift we can offer ourselves to a happier life.

What about the dynamo that drives all our decisions, choices and mindset?

That dynamo is all about values. When we are aware of our core values, we will realize that they are responsible for shaping our unique personality and setting our goals within the right standard because:

  • They lead us to live according to our purpose and mission, not to influences and changes around us.
  • They guide us to accept or reject the offers we receive.
  • We are guided by the jobs and services best suited for us.
  • We set our goals and plans according to our faith and principles.

January is a common time to set goals, we need more than just the motivation to achieve our goals. We need to get inspiration on the business we’re creating.

Inspiration means going beyond traditional goal-setting techniques and formulating a value-based vision, which in turn, makes our goals sustainable.

A lot of us have explored his own values. I encourage you this January, as you explore your goals for 2023, to consider choosing your business goals based on your values.

Values are who we are. When you are aligned with your true values, you feel completely you, and you start to live your life effortlessly because you live a life full of emotions and achievements, drawing strength from the dynamo of your life – your core values – the goals growing from your values are meaningful and sustainable. Aligning your vision of your work with your true values is key to easily embracing your entrepreneurial abilities.

Ask yourself, do you live your life according to your values? Does your professional choice reflect your values? What about your off-duty activities? Do you spend your time on matters of interest to you? If not, what are you waiting for to get things back on track? Your journey to learn about your personal values is worthy!

Finally, don’t forget to be the upgraded version of yourself and consciously leave your impact.

Fatima Khalaf Al-Alawi

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