International Fashion Week Dubai

                Star-studded International Fashion Week Dubai Season 14 was full of celebrities, top influencers and celebrity designers made a huge success Bollywood celebrity Iulia Vantur hit the ramp of International Fashion Week Dubai season 14 International Fashion week Dubai S14, Celebrating 8 years of Success, with a top Read More

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Hala Saab Chatila

“You have the ability to change someone’s life with your unique story, with your message. But in order to have an impact, you have to take action.” Each of us has the ability to change other people’s lives for the better. And when you take action to achieve your goals, you become an inspiration for Read More

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عائشة الماديد

عائشة الماديد هي شابة قطرية تتابع دراستها، ولطالما كان شفغها متعلقًأ بنشر الوعي حول البيئة وأهميتها، مما يساعد الناس على فهم هشاشة بيئتنا وأهمية حمايتها. ونتيجة لملاحقة هدفها، أسست عام 2018، Read More

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سمر أبو فرح، رائدة أعمال ومؤسسة شركة La Difference PR

  Samar Abou Farah is an entrepreneur and a polyglot of Lebanese origins and Spanish nationality, holding many certificates, including Communications & Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing and many more. After many years of experience in public relations and luxury, introducing brands in different markets, and extensive history in customer service, Samar Abou Farah Read More

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Afaaf Al Qorane, 1st Qatari Female Boxer

            Afaaf Alqorane is Qatar’s first female professional boxer, who is changing the sports scene for women in the country. Q Life interviewed Afaaf to learn more about her dreams to represent her country in the ring, and to encourage young girls in Qatar to recognize their strength and power. Read More

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Women Power Podcast: By Women, For Women

Women Power Podcast

  A PODCAST FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN BY AN AMBITIOUS WOMAN Obai and Hill’s Women Power Podcast hosted by Wafa AlObaidat Leading PR and Design Firm, Obai and Hill, launched a podcast last year, for ambitious women based in the MENA region with global outreach, the Women Power Podcast by Wafa AlObaidat. The Podcast was launched Read More

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Reaching Health & Fitness Goals

Fitness Goal

    How to reach your health & fitness goal!   Are you struggling to lose weight by setting unrealistic goals? Do you keep on setting unachievable targets? Eventually, setting unrealistic goals, will lead to a loss of motivation and possibly falling back into your unhealthy behaviors.  If you – like many individuals – keep Read More

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Myrna Trad: A Self-Empowering Journey

  Myrna Trad: A Self-Empowering Journey   Can you talk about one woman who has significantly impacted your life? Do you have a role model? Growing up, my biggest role model was my mother, who – at the time – was a struggling woman who worked day and night to provide for our financially struggling Read More

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Superheroes, CEOs, and Miracles


Superheroes, CEOs, and Miracles As a kid, I always looked for heroes as role models to inspire me, for someone or something that is extraordinary to bring the best in me.  So, naturally, I was fascinated by comic books and fairy tales. So many superheroes with superpowers, and fairy creatures were created.  Some are caped, Read More

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Aakanksha Tangri-Founder of Re:Set

Aakanksha Tangri

Producer; writer; advocate. Having worn many hats throughout her well-established career, Aakanksha Tangri attributes her success to never shying away from the tough topics, earning the respect of her fellow professionals and working for some of the world’s top publications and production houses. A graduate of the University of Toronto with a B.A. (Hons) in Read More

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