Transforming Human Resources: A New Era of Agility

Transforming Human Resources

  Transforming Human Resources Bringing in a new era of flexibility, agility and adaptability     If you asked me two years ago about the future of Human Resource (HR) management in organizations, my answer would be very different to what it is today. Let’s be honest, the whole world has been dramatically transformed in Read More

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The CHAMELEON Leader: Connecting With Millennials

Chameleon Leader

“The CHAMELEON leader is a visionary, with a new leadership mindset that thinks young and acts wise; someone who practices the various qualities of an ideal leader of millennials…Anyone can be a CHAMELEON leader, regardless of job title or position within the organization. The concept is true for senior managers who oversee scores of large Read More

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When Coaching Meets HR

“To All Corporate Managers, Due to the increasing competitiveness faced by businesses and the emerging awareness about the impact of people development and engagement on results, coaching is increasingly being seamed into Leadership and Talent Development programs. But is leadership-development coaching best facilitated by the human resources team? Or an internal coach? Can one coach Read More

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