Phubbing: Fight Against Phone Snubbing

Rise of Phubbing in Modern Society

Have you noticed how Phubbing has become part of every day life to snub the person you’re talking to and look at your phone?

Phubbing: Social Implications

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe when you’re talking to someone, you should have their full, undivided attention, along with some connection-building eye contact. This trend is promoting social angst because this tends to spread once the person sees another dissing them for their phone, they immediately turn to theirs to do the same as a self-preservation mechanism. 

Detrimental Effects

Phubbing is harmful for both the phubbed and the phubber. It is severely disrupting relationships and damaging them for the benefit of connecting to someone through social media or texting. Ironically, you’re disconnecting to connect. 

The phubbed feels ostracized and disrespected, like their company is not pleasurable enough that you have to look for something more entertaining.
The conversation was proven by research to be less satisfying for both parties when one or both of them look at their phones, mostly due to less connection felt by loss of eye contact and the constant disruptions.

We feel less empathy since we miss body language cues and facial expressions such as a frown or the folding of the arms, the leaning in or away.

This trend is escalating social anxiety instead of soothing it like the phubber intended in the first place.

Marital dissatisfaction and higher rates of depression are linked to phubbing according to studies. Nothing raises a couple’s problems quite like a phone and social media.

Phubbing ruins all sorts of relationships by taking you out of the present moment and making you miss the essence of what could be a genuine relationship-building talk.

Helpful Strategies

Some maneuvers can keep this addiction at bay, such as establishing clear technology rules in relationships, calling the phubbers out on their behavior by stopping short and following their gaze, creating phone-free zones or setting aside stretches of time when devices need to be put away. Moreover, realizing that phone and technology addictions are not personal, so no need to take them as such.

There is nothing more important, more worthy of your attention, than the present, what is happening in real-time. Therein pour power lies. Taking ourselves out of it can only do harm.

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Author: Grace Massoud

Holistic Beauty and Professional Success

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