Paris Perfumery Launches Exquisite Collection of New Luxury Fragrance

Paris Perfumery

Paris Perfumery, the multi-brand fragrance and makeup house, has unveiled an exquisite collection of its most famous, luxury and exclusive fragrances in Beirut last week.

The French perfume brand Lesquendieu, Isabey Paris, Evody Parfums, Marco Serussi, Costume National Scents, Esse Strikes The notes, Le Galion, Signature Fragrance London, were on display for the first time at Paris Perfumery store in Centro Mall in Lebanon.

The launch ceremony was attended by perfume experts, managers, clients and media professionals including the renowned Lebanese journalist Rabia Al-Zayat.

“I have always been interested in the latest and finest global perfume brands. This is why I came today to Paris Perfumery to live the experience of discovering new luxury brands by myself. I am happy with the level of service provided by Paris Perfumery staff, and theirParis Perfumery expertise in the perfume industry. They are very knowledgeable about the secrets of fragrance and when and how they are used. This indeed makes me an even more loyal customer to Paris Perfumery,” said Al-Zayat.

For her part, Nahla Jaber, Marketing Manager of Paris Perfumery, said: “The launch of our latest collection of luxury perfume in Lebanon comes in line with our strategy aiming to provide fragrance hunters and enthusiasts with exceptional experience. We, at Paris Perfumery, do believe that there is no finish line in the way towards excellence and to that end, we will spare no efforts to deliver to our customers in the region exclusive and exceptional perfumes that go above and beyond their expectations”

“The world of luxury perfumes is very dynamic. Every year, we see hundreds of new perfume formulations being launched all around the world, and that’s where we come into play. We carefully adopt strict and selective criteria and choose the most attractive scents for perfume lovers in the region. This is what gives our exclusive assortments of perfumes a very special taste,”Jaber added.

Paris Perfumeryoffers awide range of visual effects at its innovative stores in Lebanon, in addition to display platforms for customers to experience and interact with the wide range of international perfume brands. 

The Centro Mall store also features a special corner to experience the product samples in complete comfort where a qualified and multi-lingual team of perfume experts advise on the latest products, leading perfume brands, and help customer choose the best.


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