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Dr. Maliha Hashmi is a winner of the prestigious Forbes Health Leadership Award of 2022 and part of the World Leaders Award recipients. As well, she is one of the Top Seven Most Talented Female Health Leaders of the MENA region and is well-known as one of the dedicated and esteemed leaders in the region who has committed herself to bring positive change, wellness, and growth to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dr. Maliha Hashmi is a Senior Executive Advisor to various prestigious private & public and government entities. Moreover, the entrepreneur serves as a Bain External Advisor to the Bain Consultancy Group. She also served as the Executive Director and Co-Head of the Health, well-being and Biotech Sector at NEOM, where she also served as the Executive Director for all Strategic Partnerships. The Lady also served as the Deputy Chair of the NEOM Covid-19 Leadership Taskforce. She also has Senior Executive Advisory roles in various KSA entities where she advises on healthcare and education.

The exceptional entrepreneur, Dr. Maliha Hashmi, is also a Board Member of the prestigious Advisory Board for Arab Health: the largest multi-disciplinary congress in the MENA Region. She is also a Board Member of the Halal Certification Authority part of the Saudi Food Drug Authority. She is also an Advisory Board Member of social impact investing in the Kingdom. Dr. Hashmi also serves as a Leading Expert & Council Member for the Prestigious Global Future Council on Health & Healthcare at the World Economic Forum.

Furthermore, Dr. Maliha Hashmi serves as a Leading Expert & Council Member for the Global Future Council on Longevity at the World Economic Forum. Dr. Hashmi is also a Leading Expert and Council Member for the Emerging Technologies Councils in the MENA Region which is part of the Big Innovation Center, an award-winning global innovation technology think tank.

Adding to her achievements, Dr. Maliha is also an esteemed delegate of the V20, where V20 is a global platform of value experts and practitioners that has come together on the sidelines of the G20 presidency to actively engage with the process of the Group of Twenty (G20). She is also a regular contributor for Forbes. The dedicated lady has held Senior Executive roles in various sectors and globally renowned organizations and is a well-known name in the region for health & wellbeing.

To crown it all, Dr. Maliha Hashmi received her Doctorate and Master’s Degrees from Harvard and MIT and is listed as one of the top 20 women in the Nation in the United States of America for her achievements making it into the Who’s Who in America List.

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