Two Weeks In Italy


Italy, a country that I would visit over and over again! It is special for me as I got married in Rome and we went on a road trip for our honeymoon. The cities we visited were just stunning and each had its own charm. Even though all cities are accessible by train, having your Read More

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I Truly But Hope


Whatever it is you want from this world, I wish you’ll have it. We all want different things that are all the same one way or another—we just want to discover ourselves, experience life, and explore our own take on what’s deemed right or wrong. I hope that you’ll be able to do whatever it Read More

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Female Body Celebration by Esraa Zidan

Female Body Celebration

The first of her patch, Esraa studied arts at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Egypt and graduated in 2012, becoming a lecturer at the same faculty later on. She then pursued her Masters Degree on The Human Anatomy for artists and is currently working on her PHD, which is about “The unusual beauty proportions Read More

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Why You Don’t Need a Coach, But Why You Want One


No Coach Needed Whenever I talk with people about what it is I do, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is: why would someone need a coach? The thing is, that I truly believe no one needs a coach. We are all skillful human beings who make choices, go through our days and Read More

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The Rose with No Roots


The garden danced to the cold morning breeze It had roses that never ceased  To bring much joy To whoever dared to look For the breeze was possessive Like snow Looking pure yet aggressive In stripping away warmth   The rose frowned, shook, As the breeze caressed its furrow Upon her gentle petals filled with Read More

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Common Psychological Barriers to Success

Success Barriers

Most of us want to be successful. How we define success is different from person to person; it can be big or small, daily or lifelong. But we can all agree that success starts with setting a goal and achieving it. The most important and challenging part is pursuing our goals.  We often talk about Read More

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Maintaining Your Sanity During Rough & Uncertain Times

Maintaining your Sanity

It is already December and a new year is about to start. In ordinary times, this month is a festive season. A time for many happy occasions, gift exchange, more outings with family and friends, especially those coming from abroad, and many other preparations. In ordinary times, this month is a time to experience some Read More

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